From 23 November to 14 February 2024 receive a €30 (£25 U.K. territory) discount voucher usable on your next purchase, until 30 March 2024.

From 23 November 2023 to 14 February 2024 you will receive a €30 (£25 U.K. territory) discount voucher for each purchase you make, with no spending limit. The discount voucher can be used on your subsequent purchases until 30 March 2024, with a minimum cart spend of €80 (£70 U.K. territory).

The discount voucher consists of an alphanumeric code that you will receive inside the package of your purchase. If you enter this code on your next purchase, €30 (£25 U.K. territory) will be deducted from your spend at check-out. The code is unique and can only be used once, and cannot be combined.

Please note that the minimum spend to be able to use the €30 (£25 U.K. territory) discount voucher is €80 (£70 U.K. territory) in a single purchase (total spend in cart). The discount voucher is not applied to shipping costs.

Products purchased with the discount code are always redeemable according to the Terms and Conditions.

The discount cannot be used in addition to other transactions, such as product pre-sales or other discounts, or combined with other cards or special discounts previously issued by AAA/UNBRANDED Ltd.

The operation runs from 23 November 2023 to 14 February 2024, but you can use the discount voucher until 30 March 2024.

The discount is only valid within the territory of the European Community and the United Kingdom. Perfumes samples, discovery kits and body rituals are not included in this deal.

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