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A BLUE STAR to give value to our followers
We care about all people who love design, fashion, and all those who want to be unconventional and stay out of the crowd, without being eccentric. Among these we care a lot about those who follow us closely, those who have bought or buy our products, those who write to us to compliment us or just to say “hi, how is going?”. All these people are of great value to us, as if they were friends, even if we never had the opportunity to eat and drink with them (we are humans after all).
For this reason we have created BLUE STAR dedicated exclusively to our aaa/friends online, to give them something more, and say thanks to them.

What the hell is BLUE STAR?
From this year 2022 we aaa/unbranded® will no longer have sales in our store, with the exclusion of Black Friday two times a year. Instead, we have decided to give value to people, to all those who follow us by subscribing the newsletter. To all these people we have decided to give the BLUE STAR.
BLUE STAR represents discounts or special operations, reserved only for subscribers to our newsletter. Obviously only as long as they remain subscribed to it.
Therefore, only subscribers to our newsletter receive discount codes several times a year that can be used during the purchase check-out moment, or they can purchase items in preview or products exclusively designed for the BLUE STAR friends community or in limited edition.

How to get the BLUE STAR?
To receive BLUE STAR offers and benefits, just subscribe to the newsletter on the website The benefits and offers will only be available for as long as you are subscribed to the newsletter.

How BLUE STAR discount codes work.
The BLUE STAR discount codes, reserved only for subscribers to the aaa/unbranded® newsletter, are used during the purchase phase at time of check-out, by entering the number communicated in the newsletter in the appropriate field “Have a Coupon? Click here to enter your code”. The BLUE STAR codes are combined with the email address that is indicated by the person at the time of subscription to the newsletter and can therefore be used only and exclusively by entering that email address in the check-out screen.
BLUE STAR codes are always at termed. They can have for example a temporal validity or a defined number of uses. This information is reported in the newsletter in which the code is sent (for example, the code can be used 3 times within 3 months, or it can be used multiple times but for up to 3 months, etc).
BLUE STAR codes are not cumulative, but in some cases they can be used as an additional discount on already discounted items. Also in this specific case, the indications of use are indicated in the newsletter under the BLUE STAR code.
A blue star pictogram shown at the bottom right of the product photo, indicates the item for which you can use the BLUE STAR code. Only items with the blue star pictogram can be purchased with BLUE STAR coupons.

Questions, doubts, perplexities? Read below.
“How can I understand which products I can buy with the discount reserved for me?” BLUE STAR items are identified by a blue star at the bottom right of the product photo.


“Can other users also buy products with the blue star pictogram?” Yes, of course, the products are visible in the e-store and can be purchased by everyone. The difference is that only those who have received the BLU STAR code have any purchase advantages or, in any case, exclusive services.


“Can I send the discount code to my friend or my boyfriend or girlfriend?” Of course yes. It will be a nice gift. All that is needed is for the person to whom you send the code to use the same email address during check-out that you entered when registering for the newsletter.


“Can I suggest to people I know to subscribe the newsletter?” Obviously yes. By registering they will have a little gift, and then will be receive the BLUE STAR codes, that will be valid only as long as they remain subscribed to the newsletter.


“If I do not use the code within the defined terms, will I lose the discount or offer?” Unfortunately for you, yes. BLUE STAR codes have a defined duration, in time or in number of uses. Remember to read well these info on the email’s body copy.


“Does the BLUE STAR code also save me on shipping costs?” It depends on the products. For some products there are no shipping costs, for other products yes. These are not subject to a discount because the transport is operated by an external company. So if the product includes shipping costs or if you do not reach the minimum purchase to get free shipping costs, you will have to pay these costs.


“Can products purchased with BLUE STAR codes be returned?” To return the products, you must take a look at the appropriate section within the General Conditions of Sale and in the Return Policy.

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