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In our opinion it is very difficult to be ecological or “zero impact”, or even more so, to be green.
So we decided to direct our commitment to try to keep ourselves in balance with the environment and people as much as possible.
This is why one of our daily commitments is to reduce waste as much as possible. It is our main mission. Whenever we start to develop a new model of shoe, clothing, leather goods, a cosmetic, even a pen holder, we think about how to build the product without waste, how to sell it without waste, what will it do once it reaches the end of the own life. In the fashion industry it is common to create collections that last only one season. At the end of the season the product has finished its life and everything that was used to build it is thrown away. And we start again with new projects and new objects. We work in another way, looking far beyond our own nose, modulating every single step from design to sale in this sense.

Seasonality of the products.

The aaa / unbranded® collections are designed to last well over a season. The products that are sold the most remain in the collection becoming carryovers, some of which, if necessary, made with new materials or in a new color variant. Many products are four seasons, and therefore can also be worn in mid-seasons, extending the life of the product.

The materials.

We only use materials that have no minimum purchase and therefore are always available. This allows to manage production in an optimized way, purchasing only the material strictly necessary to produce the ordered pieces. For footwear, mini bags, wallets and clutches and the essential collections, we use natural tanned leather. This might seem counterintuitive to nature, but animals are not specifically killed to obtain cowhides (contrary to many so-called precious or exotic leathers, which, among other things, we at aaa / unbranded® do not use). Bovine skins come from a meat production chain and if not used they would end up in the garbage. However, we should be careful to choose leather treated with natural tanning, therefore without the use of chromium or other substances that are harmful to groundwater and to humans.

Organic is a necessity, more than a trend.

As regards the cosmetic products of aaa / unbranded® we have decided to develop only and exclusively so-called “clean” formulas, ie favoring the use of oils of natural origin, simple ingredients and from organic farming, and avoiding adding fragrances to the products , thus letting the natural odors of the ingredients escape. All products in the aaa / unbranded® cosmetics line have a unique texture and, thanks to the use of natural ingredients, a very high absorbency.
The production of cosmetics takes place in a programmed manner, so as to always have a fresh product, therefore a time from production to packaging to sale, reduced to a minimum, thus also guaranteeing the freshness and effectiveness of the active ingredients or ingredients.
Last but not least, cosmetic products are not tested on animals and do not contain nickel or heavy metals.

Beyond packaging.

All aaa/unbranded® products use natural cardboard packaging. Most of these packaging are purchased from the catalog with standard sizes and customized by us by hand, one by one with an ink stamp. Many of the secondary packaging are commercially available products. In this way we reduce the creation of ad hoc packaging or containers with effective expenditure of energy and materials. Even in the case of packaging, the planning of purchases allows us to minimize waste and the warehouse, as well as the movement of goods from one place to another, with an effective reduction of CO2. Obviously some packaging is instead made ad hoc. In this case we use companies that can create packaging with digital technologies, therefore to produce minimum batches quickly. As a result, raw cardboard is also purchased when needed and in measured quantities.
All external cardboard packaging is self-mounting, so it does not use glue of any kind. In the design work of the products, the dimensions of the packaging are taken into account, so as to manage the dimensions of the products according to the formats based on the packaging and vice versa.


We are committed to squeezing our brains and engaging our suppliers early in the design phase, working together on solutions that can create an improvement not just of the products, but of everything that revolves around them. When we start a new project we think about how this project will impact on people and the environment: how much material will be needed? Where will we buy the material? What will the packaging be like? What will happen to the packaging once the product has been used? How long will the product last? And what will happen to the product?
Each product is not just an economic issue, but in our opinion it is about going beyond the calculation of the cost to the retailer or the public, finding optimal and balanced solutions, so that the product can “live” in the environment and be well used by people. . And style also counts in this.
For this reason, for aaa / unbranded® the design phase is part of its commitment to stay in balance with the environment and with people.

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