How long did it take you to become the person you are? Time matures us, makes us wiser, more stable, more aware. Kind of like a good wine or an excellent rum.

The perfumes of the ‘N series’ are made using a unique and completely manual method. After the first maturation in alcohol, the fragrance is placed in small stainless steel barrels and left to rest for 3 to 8 months in an environment with constant temperature and humidity. 

Waiting becomes an additional ingredient that allows the essences to mature, expressing their olfactory potential to the fullest. In this way, the perfume also becomes stable and remains the same over time.

“Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form”
Starting from this concept, we worked to remove, to create a space between the form and the essence represented by the perfume. In a way, it would have been enough to take inspiration from the same word “essence” to understand that only the latter is enough. We don’t need anything else. Essence is everything. So we worked to focus on the content rather than the container, removing all elements that could distract our audience. Or rather, we removed all the elements that would have fulfilled the space, and now it is fulfilled with essence.

The differences between one person and another are a precious value. Even in the'N series' you could find differences between one bottle and another. After all, we are unconventional.

The maturation in steel barrels and, in the case of N3/NOMA and N4/DECADE, an additional manual process of smoking or cold infusion, give the “N series” an unusual flavor profile. And precisely because all these processes are carried out manually and the product is subject to weather variations, like in a good wine or a high-quality rum, there may be slight differences between one production batch and another. 

And this is one of the values that makes a difference.

Here are 3 tips to bring out your essence and make the most of the unconventional 'N Series' fragrances.
It ain't that deep, just three notes!

you know
your pH?

The perfume reacts differently depending on the pH of the skin. This is reasonable, but not obvious. An acidic pH can affect the performance of a perfume, hormones or oily skin can definitely influence the formula, altering its fragrance. 

So the ideal thing to do is to wear perfume on dry skin and at a not too high temperature. Normal body temperature is ideal for expressing all the olfactory notes. It is therefore preferable to wash the skin with neutral cleansers, even better chosen based on the pH of your skin. The changes in smell are undetectable to most noses, but advice is always advice.

on the
right place

to do and
not to do

How to put on perfume? The mistake most people make is rubbing their wrists once they’ve applied the scent. That’s straight up terrible! By doing that, the top notes get smothered and all the work and testing to achieve that scent will be wiped out. It’s better to shake your arm to dissolve the first part of the alcohol, or tap your wrists together. Another mistake that everyone makes is spraying perfume directly onto clothes. Remember that when you spray perfume, the scent can change when it comes into contact with fabrics, especially synthetic ones, and it can become unpleasant to smell. In addition, some natural ingredients in the perfume may cause stains on fabrics.

A dope tradition is to make a fat cloud of perfume and walk through it. That also puts you in a good mood!

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