Did you walk with your face today? That's the starting point. Why not think first about taking care of your feet and legs to bring wellness to your whole body, including your face?

Where do we start? Let’s start from the bottom, from the point of contact with the ground: from our feet and legs.

Some of the disorders we suffer from are related to our feet or legs. Yet it is thanks to our feet and legs that we move every day, and often we feel them heavy after a day of work, even if we have mostly been sitting in the office.

You always got no time to take care of yourself. We know that well. That's why we made some easy-to-use skincare that actually work. And you only need a pea size of product to get some damn good results.

There is something you can do right now to improve the appearance of your body. Few essential skincare products designed to give you the same performance as professional products for home use. 

Wouldn’t it be great to achieve excellent results on your skin as if you had gone to a beauty salon or a spa? It’s straight up amazing, right? But guess what? It’s totally possible now.

If you've made it this far, then it's time to take care of your neck and face with so-
mething special.

You have many options on the market to take care of your face and neck. But here it’s really different. Starting from the bottom with a complete routine also improves your face and your expression.

Let’s start with feet and legs, remember, we do it with professional formulas, and make the most of the little time that everyday life gives us. You can tone, nourish, and rejuvenate your face, neck, and décolleté. With just a few effective steps. Yo-!

Here are 3 tips to transform your image and make your skincare products more effective. No usual dietary advice, but something truly effective and unconventional.

no stress
at all

First, reduce stress. Don’t take it out on your boss, tell that arrogant neighbor to f**k off, don’t let your boyfriend or girlfriend stress you out, or anyone else for that matter. In addition to causing serious illnesses and weakening the immune system, stress also messes up your skin, making it look dull, tight, and visibly weak. Several studies have shown how stress affects various dermatological conditions by contributing to inflammatory processes. Stress can affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and cause the release of pro-inflammatory mediators from the peripheral nervous system to the skin cells. It may have happened to you that when you experience strong stress, or after stressful periods, spots, blisters, or in other cases even herpes can appear on your face, or styes around the eyes. 

So if you don’t want to waste the quality of our skincare, no stress!

drink water,
eat well

not too sunny
not too dark

The sunlight is important for our skin and helps our body produce vitamin D. This vitamin helps control the calcium metabolism and keeps the blood phosphorus levels in check. So if excessive and unprotected exposure can promote the appearance of skin tumors, on the other hand, the sun helps to treat certain dermatological conditions, such as psoriasis and some forms of dermatitis and eczema. And if we really want to see things from different perspectives, sunlight boosts mood, reduces stress, and as a result, your skin will also improve. So not too much sun, but not too dark either. Not exposing yourself to the sun also reduces the production of melanin, a very important element for our skin. Melanina helps prevent skin aging, fights the degenerative process caused by sun exposure, and neutralizes the production of free radicals.

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