Family&Friends&Followers Program (or abbreviated F&F&F Program) is a tiered discount program, reserved for aaa/unbranded® customers. The discount can be used through an alpha numeric code linked to the customer’s personal email. The discount has unlimited duration (lifetime) and is valid on all products on the online store marked with the words — discount with F&F&F Virtual card — Discount codes are divided into:

Family -30% lifetime;
Friends -20% lifetime;
Followers -10% lifetime.

To take advantage of the discount code Followers 10% lifetime, simply go to the dedicated page and enter your email address. The user will receive an email with the discount code. Please note that the discount code can only be used if connected to the email itself where the code is sent. To use the code, simply enter it at check-out in the appropriate space. For any problems the user can contact customer service:

Purchases made with the F&F&F Virtual Cards are also subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in the appropriate section. Shipping costs are not subject to discount and are always calculated as per the table in the appropriate Shipping Info section, with minimum purchase as shown in the section itself.

The discount code Followers 10% lifetime can also be ceded by the owner user to third parties. However, please note that the discount code only works when connected to the owner user’s email.

The discount codes Friends 20% lifetime and Family 30% lifetime are granted to customers and users only and exclusively at the discretion of the Management of aaa/unbranded®; specifically, they are issued by AAA/UNBRANDED Ltd. These codes are not linked to the achievement of certain amounts of products purchased or to other types of reward scales, and / or merits, but are issued only and exclusively at the discretion of AAA/UNBRANDED Ltd. Users or customers cannot request such discount codes. Virtual Cards cannot be combined with each other and one excludes the other. For example, if a Follower customer with a Follower -10% lifetime Virtual Card switches to the Friends card with a 20% discount, they will benefit of a 20% discount from that moment on only.

Virtual Cards allow you to have discounts on all products, on the online store, marked with the words — discount with F&F&F Virtual card —. Only the marked products can be purchased at a discount. F&F&F Virtual Card holders can profit of further temporary discounts (by way of example only: Christmas discount, change of season, Halloween, etc.) by combining them with the Virtual Card discount. In the case of discounted products, the rules contained in the Terms and Conditions section apply. Discounted products are not returnable except in the case of products damaged during transport or that do not present the conditions of safety of use (open or damaged primary packaging cap, breakage of the primary container, loss of product from the primary container, oxidation of the contents).

Pre-order products are discounted only for Virtual Card holders. The discount on the pre-order is added to the discount of the relative cards. Pre-order products can be returned as set out in the Terms and Conditions section of this site.

The Virtual Cards are owned by AAA/UNBRANDED Ltd. and granted to the user or customer through the company STUPYDOO Srls which manages the site Virtual Cards can only be used on the online store



The brand aaa/unbranded® is owned and administered by AAA/UNBRANDED Ltd.
company registration number 13936227
Head Office: 20-22 Wenlock Rd., N1 7GU London, United Kingdom


Last date for modification: September 27, 2022

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