One day I wake up and feel that everything is different. There is something strange about me. I feel different, I feel like something is different in my body too.

N5 /CARBON is part of the “N series”, an olfactory path of 9 fragrances inspired by different stages of life from birth to death.

N5 /CARBON represents adolescence. At first, there is a sharp and persistent smell, immediately strong and pronounced, mixed with a sweet and very intense aroma, almost spicy and reminiscent of licorice. But right after, a delicate scent, vaguely floral and green, that brings lightness and hope, in contrast with marine, woody, and oriental notes. A fragrance with graceful dissonances. This fragrance is made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients and then aged in small stainless steel barrels for 23 weeks with cold infusion of star anise.

So, just like a fine wine or aged rum, there may be slight differences between one batch and another.

It took a good five months to create N5 /CARBON. In addition to the initial work of defining the perfume’s ingredients, there is a lot of experimental work, with the aim of always achieving something special and unique. And this is part of the aaa/unbranded® philosophy represented by Assemble Around Aesthetics, of taking inspiration from elements even far removed from the world of perfumery. That is, for example, why we like cold infusion. With this method, we are able to infuse the base with nuances that would otherwise be difficult to achieve, even using chemical molecules. We don’t care if this method involves waiting days to get the first tests, we don’t care if it takes months to achieve a certain olfactory note. What matters to us is the end result, and the experience we can give you. We are craftsmen after all.

The ‘N series’ perfumes always carry a concept, a story and values. That’s why our packaging is so minimal, because what you’re looking for, what you’re buying, is inside, and inside is something really concrete. So, enjoy the N5 /CARBON.

The founder.

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