aaa/unbranded® stands for an unorthodox approach to life, for a different approach to beauty, body care and lifestyle through an unconventional take on perfumes and skincare. The three aaa/ stand for Assembled Around Aesthetics, and this means creating beauty and seeking harmony at every step along the way.

Our core values are:
Being Unconventional; we don’t just choose the unbeaten path, we seek creating new ones.
Being Natural; not just for our products, but as a lifestyle choice and throughout our processes.
Striving for Excellence; seeking the best quality in all aspects of life.

Following these very few principles, we derived a number of best practices that we adopted across the company.


We chose the materials of our packaging based on their environmental impact. Recently, we’ve discontinued the production of our aluminium bottles, favouring plastic ones, as the former have a bigger footprint than the latter. In particular, the production of aluminium bottles creates hazardous dust during its manufacturing and, for cosmetic products, needs an additional internal coating to avoid any contamination or chemical reaction. And sometimes it is not so secure.

At the same time, the quest to reduce paper consumption led us to create our iconic packaging. It doesn’t just waste less paper, it’s also new, fresh, and different. On top of it, we directly printed on the packaging all the information needed, leaving no need for an additional leaflet. The perfect synergy between functionality, sustainability, and beauty.

What about our production lines? Well, we are a small company, we create new recipes and outsource the production to our most trusted suppliers. This means that we should order a reasonable amount of product to stockpile in our warehouse and keep it ready for a fast and sweep delivery. Or so you might think. In reality, we do the opposite: after all we are here to challenge the status quo and we really do not care about cheap products of low quality that get delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours. Quality takes time, and we are in no hurry.


We are not here to please everyone
We are not here to be different at any cost
We are not here thinking only of external beauty
We are not here just to find fans and followers
We are here ’cause we’re simply UNCONVENTIONAL

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